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Free vulnerability assessment with Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark including Daily Vulnerability Scan

The Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark helps both website owners and their online customers. Site owners will love the sophisticated tools that keep site security updated and confirm PCI Compliance. Tools like SiteInspector protect the site with the most advanced security technology to keep hackers at bay. From a customer perspective, studies show that visual signs of safety give them trust which leads to increased conversions. The interactive Comodo Trust Mark gives visitors scanning details and confirms the activity of HackerProof's behind-the-scenes daily scanning engine, thus giving visitors all the confidence they need to proceed to the checkout.

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Comodo Trust Mark Features & Benefits

  • The supreme Trust Mark that includes one-of-a-kind technology to build immediate, visual trust with online visitors–all from the world's industry leader when it comes to online security
  • Daily vulnerability scanning to alert you of security gaps and give visitors peace of mind that your site is up to par with HackerProof's Trust Mark standards
  • Automated business intelligence that analyzes your visitors’ use is accessible via a user-friendly web-based management tool
  • Site inspector tool for PCI Compliance Checking
  • Scanning process creates detailed reports
  • Daily background scanning feature


Is your Comodo HackerProof TrustMark recognized as a trusted brand?
Comodo TrustMark is synonymous with security and trust for more than 100 million people.

Can you test the Comodo TrustMark for free to see whether or not my sales increase? Thanks to patent pending technology, there's no need to make any changes in your site layout. While other trustmarks may be tough to position in a prime, visible location the Comodo HackerProof TrustMark is always in clear view for your site visitors giving them immediate reassurance.

How else does the Comodo TrustMark provider strengthen and reinforce the brand and promote a sense of trust and security with site visitors?
You won't find a company more committed, or respected, by site owners and Internet users for delivering highly trusted online security solutions. Merchants count on Comodo's sophisticated SSL Certificates and their unwavering mission to protect merchants, their customers and sensitive data transmitted through online transactions.

Is support available for the Comodo HackerProof TrustMark?
Yes, Comodo is world-renowned for outstanding customer care. Fortunately, support is seldom required, but fast answers and help are always available through Comodo's dedicated and experienced team of experts.

How do I know if malware is found on my site?
One immediate, visual sign that malware has been detected is that the Comodo TrustMark will not display. You will then be alerted via email with detailed directions on how to sign into the End User Portal and find out which pages are infected and specifically what code is at risk. You can then easily delete the problem code and schedule a re-scan within 24 hours. Once the scan validates that everything is fine you will see the seal reappear on your site.

How does the Comodo TrustMark give my customers confidence?
Online customers are being more and more educated about how to spot safe websites. When they see the Comodo TrustMark on your site, they instantly know you've taken steps to protect their information and that your site has been successfully scanned in the last 24 hours.

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Petar N.Nov. 2023


"Excellent platform with a wide selection of solutions suitable just for you here you can find the right certificate just for your purposes and at the best prices. The support is very good. I highly recommend cheapsslsecurity.com to anyone who needs a certificate."

Raed NeshiewatNov. 2023


"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on *.domain.com , you have to install it on each subdomain such as admin.domain.com, shop.domain.com,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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