Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates

Max. Term
Validation Requirements
Certificate Fields
Email Encryption
Email Signing
Client Authentication
Document Signing
Price From

CPAC Basic

Max. Term2 Years
Validation RequirementsEmail Verification
Certificate Fields[email protected]
Email EncryptionIcon Checkmark
Email SigningIcon Checkmark
Client AuthenticationNo
Document SigninNo
Price$39.63/year$13.92/year(Save 65%.)


Max. Term2 Years
Validation RequirementsEmail Validation
Certificate Fields[email protected]First Name, Last Name
Email EncryptionIcon Checkmark
Email SigningIcon Checkmark
Client AuthenticationIcon Checkmark
Document SigninMicrosoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
Price$90.07/year$42.58/year(Save 53%.)

CPAC Enterprise

Max. Term 2 Years
Validation RequirementsEmail ValidationOrganization Validation
Certificate Fields[email protected]Organization Name
Email EncryptionIcon Checkmark
Email SigningIcon Checkmark
Client AuthenticationIcon Checkmark
Document SigninMicrosoft Office & OpenOffice Signing
Price$120.02/year$58.98/year(Save 51%.)

CPAC: Sign and encrypt email and documents quickly and easily

The Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate asserts personal identity and encrypts critical files and emails with just a few quick clicks of the mouse. Whether you’re with a large corporation or just a private individual, the ability to digitally sign and encrypt your email and documents is a boon to both privacy and security. Each Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate comes with a unique cryptographic key that can affix your own unique digital signature to email and documents, ensuring the recipient knows exactly who it’s coming from. Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates can encrypt your files and email so that only the intended parties can access them, too. They can also be used for two-factor authentication.

CPACs are one of the best ways to prevent Business Email Compromises, by ensuring employees only open email from verified senders. Best of all Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates integrate easily with all major Operating Systems and email clients, making them easy to install and even easier to use.

Encryption Strength

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates come with 2048-bit signature keys that can affix a unique digital signature to any email or document. Users will also have the option to encrypt sensitive email and critical files to ensure their security. All Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates meet or exceed the encryption standards set forth by the National Institute for Standards in Technology (US) and the CA/Browser Forum (Industry).

Fast and Easy Validation

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates are available at three different assurance levels, not unlike DV, OV and EV for SSL/TLS certificates. From Basic to Enterprise, the decision comes down to how much identity you want to assert, just a little (CPAC Basic) or complete identity (CPAC Enterprise). See for yourself.

Cheap Price is the cost leader for digital certificates, and not just SSL/TLS certificates, either. Nobody sells Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates for lower prices than we do. In fact, we guarantee it. Find a better price and we’ll beat it. That’s just how we roll.

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates Features and Benefits

  • Available at three validation levels
  • Secures one unique identity
  • Signs Email and Documents
  • Encrypts Email and Documents
  • 2048-bit RSA Signature Key
  • Perfect for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Unlimited Re-issues
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • 100% email client and browser compatibility

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates are trusted by, and integrate easily with all major operating systems, email clients, and web browsers, making them easy to roll out – regardless of whether you’re only adding a couple or deploying them at scale.

Email Clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Mail
  • Samsung Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • And more


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

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